School Transport

The School has good conveyance to pick up the students from their pre-determined stoppage.To tackle the unwanted situations each bus driver has been pprovided with a cell-phone.


The School provides first aid to the students as per the requirement to prevent a minor ailment becoming a major one. And in case of a major problem, We call a senior doctor and inform the pertaining guardian.


Today, Computer is dominating each and every field, realizing it KVS, offers the facility of fully functional and well-equipped two computer labs. In the labs, student learn Paint-Programme, M.S. Word, M.S. Excel,M.S. Powerpoint, Notepad, Wordpad, according to their level of education.


The School contains a well-equipped and spacious library for the use of teachers and students having the inevitable collection of indispensable and valuable books and literature in different languages. The library consists encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books and manauls writtten by renowned authors.
It a breasts with all the happenings and infusions taking place in different realms and subjects respectively. It makes the child a self-learner and develops the habit of reading.

Games & Sports

Kids Valley Schoool offers a number of games and sports activities such as physical Training, Athletics, Gymnastics, Basketball, Hand ball, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Tennis, Badminton etc.

Music, Arts & Craft

The School organize Heading variety of curricular and extra co-curricular activities such as drama, music, singing, debate, G.K. competition, painting, drawing, Picture coloring etc.

Science Lab